William Anhang

William (Bill) Anhang is an octogenarian who lives in Montreal. He moved to Canada from Poland with his parents in the 1940s and was, in his words, a typical Polish farm boy. After attending university in Winnipeg, he did a stint as an engineer in Canada and Israel.

Anhang had no exposure to art, other than looking at another university student’s collection of drawings. It wasn’t until he took his own children to a demonstration of copper enameling that he was inspired to create works of his own. The pivotal point was when a Guru told Anhang to be an artist. He felt he had no option but to become an artist, and so he abandoned engineering and began his new life. That was around 1975, and he’s been experimenting with copper, painting, and fibre optics ever since.

Anhang was a featured artist in the 2015 American Folk Art Museum’s exhibit, “When the Curtain Never Comes Down” in New York. He was featured in a CBC short documentary, “Billsville”, in 2016. Find it in the news section of this website.