Who said we’re boring?

Someone (actually, it was me) announced that the art scene is boring north of the  49th. I was wrong. I have hit the jackpot and unearthed ten more outsider artists working away here in Canada. One find leads to another and I was lucky enough to learn about an exhibit at the Art Gallery of Mississauga, called “Outside Coming In – A State of Freedom – Canadian Outsider Art.” The exhibit was curated by Duncan Farnan in 2006. There is very little documentation about this exhibit, but I do have a tiny catalogue with a photo  of each artist’s work. I am hoping to get more details in the future.

Here are the artists included in the exhibit:

  1. Anonymous
  2. Bill Anhang and Glenn Luckock
  3. Stanko Anicic
  4. Thomas Canning
  5. Manuel Da Rosa
  6. Richard Greaves
  7. Menno Krant
  8. Sorgente Palmerino
  9. Alma Rumball
  10. Rocky
  11. Jahan Maka (see earlier blog)
  12. Scottie Wilson (see earlier blog)

I started by contacting Menno Krant, and what an incredible talk we had. Details to follow in a subsequent post.