Missive from Billsville (Bill Anhang)

Bill Anhang followed up our telephone conversation with this information – and a poem – about fractals. Seems that he stays in contact with other engineering brainiacs, like Benoit Mandelbrot, whom he chatted with in his fractal art days about five years ago. He has also spoken with Nick Holoniuk who is the inventor of the Light Emitting Diode, and Kapany, the inventor of optical fibers. The people who came up with Wireless Power are at MIT and due for his visit shortly.

I have never read a poem about fractals (or Mandelbrot) and I suspect few of you have either. Here it is:

 Ode to Fractals and their Papa Benoit

Olde Benoit Mandelbrodt was a  sailor
He set out on the high sees
For to encounter a monstor
he took along a Equastionee

He hid in a wave that was tossing
Its broiling top head in infinity
and hit it on the head solid
and full heavy mightily.

The wave lurched and it thundered
It toppled and squirted and
again and again
toppled and gave birth to a
Iiterative Gumblated Fractile Csea

Ole Benoit he grabbed it,
he spun it from pole to pole
and over the horizen and down
the equatorial and boreal
into one helluva crunching debris.

When it was all over,
and it lay calm at his shivering feet
Lo and behold he had it,
The Mandelbrot Jamboree…

Everyone stood in amazement,
transfixed as foxes at sea,
What is it?  they cried and shuddered
as the Mammoth settled to snooze,

Shouting, “Gimme oh gimme,
a thouzand bottles of booze….”
And forthcame from olde Bonoit’s
wooden stumps whereon he stood
Spiggots speewing maggots,
all soaking in the finest old  booze.

My Goodness, cried the rollicking  monster,
turning suddenly to fractals sonore
I’ll give ya all the fractals yee craves,
yee olde Mandelbrot spiggot of Lore.
Thus yielding to our Benoit endless supply of fractile gore.

Oh fractile so tactile and fragile and agile
Come lay your head at my feet
A  creptilian reptile whose flashes ductile
repose in Suctilian Ceasarian Solemnity.