Luc Guerard and Pierre Racine


I visited Luc Guerard’s studio in Montreal, along with his friend, sculptor Pierre Racine (both pictured at right). I introduced you to Pierre’s work in a previous blog. Although Pierre is not self-taught, his work has an “outsiderish” vibe and as beautiful as I have seen in outsider art collections. I saw an exhibit with his current work. Pierre is now working in wax, which is an usual and intriquing form of work. I had no idea that casting bronze was so ludicrously expensive, so this seems to be a creative solution to the problem. It seems that wax is a durable alternative (as long as you don’t leave it in the sun!) and, indeed, it is fascinating to see.


Here is  photo of one of Pierre’s sculptures. IMG_0020  They are as beautiful in “real life” as they are in photographs.   If you didn’t know it was wax,  you might think it was a kind of transparent stone. Lovely.