Local art exhibit

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Arjuna Cogan, “Working Class”

There are always things going on in our local communities. The trick is to get on email lists so you know what’s coming up. I went to an art exhibit sponsored by the Coast Mental Health Foundation in Vancouver. They displayed rooms of works by people who attend their programs. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was surprised to find the venue packed with people admiring the artwork and having a great evening.

I met an artist, Arjuna Cogan, whose work is featured at the top of this blog. His large painting, called Working Class, sold the minute the exhibit opened (or earlier)!  It is a fascinating, macabre piece, with skeletons and ghoulish figures painted in excruciating detail. It seems that Arjuna paints whenever he can and sells his work to collectors who follow his work. He certainly seemed to be the star of the exhibit.

I was delighted to see three paintings by my favourite artist, Laurie Marshall (below). All had sold before I arrived.


I was most struck by the festive atmosphere and the pride the artists took in talking about their work with the guests. Everyone was having fun! What a contrast to the solemn occasions of some “fine art” exhibits I have attended where art is a serious business indeed. (And there were more “red dots” here than I have ever seen at a high-end gallery.)  😉