Laila Kassab – Art under seige


Laila Kassab is a self-taught artist who lives in Gaza. She uses art to transform what she describes as a “dismal life” for herself and those around her. She draws on the walls of her home and creates colourful paintings to express her feelings and convey her hope for a better future.

Based in a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, Laila became part of a small London-based group that aimed to forge links with Palestinians in Laila’s region. The group received some of Laila’s paintings that were smuggled out of her region, wrapped in layers of food packaging. Her work has since been showed in two exhibitions: “Who can sleep in Gaza?” (2014) and “Art under Siege” (2017).

Outside In – a UK charity that works towards creating a fairer and more inclusive art world – has chosen Laila’s work to exhibit at Pallant House Gallery, alongside the work of Scottie Wilson. Outside In needs help funding this exhibit and seeks your help in this crowdfunding venture:

The exhibit will run from June 13 to July 29 this year. Check for further information online.