About this website

image by Anthony Stevens

Anthony Stevens (UK)

This website is about Canadian outsider art, the artists who create it, and my personal view from north of the 49th. It is the accumulation of years of research, both personal and academic, into outsider art in Canada.

I have met many extraordinary artists in my travels across Canada, but only a few are featured on the home page of this website. Other Canadian and international artists are introduced in blogs. Many of those individuals have made significant contributions to my understanding of the outsider artist’s motivation and process. I have gained much from their candor, support, and interest.

My research continues as a book about Canadian outsider art takes form and more artists will be featured in future updates of this website.

I welcome your comments, and especially information about outsider artists I have not met. It is a never-ending journey, and one that I invite you to share with me.