A quick jaunt to France

This blog is for the girl with ruby slippers who asked me about other artists, like Danielle Jacqui, in France. There is a wealth of information in a book, Fantasy Worlds, by Deidi von Schaewen and John Maizels (who publishes Raw Vision Magazine of outsider art).

You’ll be happy to hear that there are so many visionary artist sites in France that I can list only a few of them here.

The work of Raymond Isidore in Chartres, is most like that of Danielle Jacqui. He has covered his entire house and furniture in mosaics. Zillions of pieces – quite a mind-boggling and magnificent sight.  All the photos are of his home.

I have always wondered why the south-east of the USA was such a breeding-ground for quirky artists. But it looks like France has cultivate its own stock. Here is a partial list of some other visionary artists scattered around France.

Lucien Favreau’s sculputure garden (and house) in Yviers. His garden is dedicated to the public figures and events that marked his life.

Jean Linard’s “Cathedral” in Neuvy-Deux-Clochers. Ceramicist and potter, Linard has constructed a very large, tiled and mosaic cathedral in his yard. (BTW: it’s for sale.)

Ben Vautier in Nice collects graffiti and found objects. The exterior of his house is almost unrecognizable, and it looks like he’s still going at it. (He has made one of the best quotable artist statments ever: I would like to be a cactus into the ass of art.)

Jean Tinguely in Milly-la-Foret, uses found material to create sculptures and machines. His garden is dominated by a gigantic one-eyed Cyclops.

Roland Dutel in Dieulefit has transformed his farm into a sculpture garden.

Franck Barrett, in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, was a former medium and clairvoyant. He has filled his house with clay sculptures of monsters and supernatural images. (I wish he could meet Annie Hooper – hell meets heaven!)

Jean Prosper Gillis, near Bergerac, created brightly painted cement animals in his garden. Elephants and tigers cohabit with dogs and snakes.

Jacques Warminksi in Saint-Georges-des-Sept-Voies has sculpted incredible, swirly, cave dwellings from cement. His intention is to have visitors experience the unity of inner and outer worlds. Looks cool.

Bodan Litnianski in Viry-Noureuil, restored his house with found material, like glass and shells. Pillars are created with waste objects that caught his eye, including dolls, plastic toys, and batteries. Hmm. Photos look remarkably like an episode of the Hoarders…

Charles Billy (former corset maker) in Civrieus-d’Azergues created a small city of Asian and medieval-style buildings in his yard. Dutch windmills sit next to Thai castles.

Fernand Chatelain in Fye, created a garden of creatures from chicken wire, newspaper and cement. If he were alive, I would take Clyde Jones (North Carolina) to meet him!

Emile Taugourdeau in Thoree-les-Pins, France, started his cement sculpture garden when he decided to immortalize his pet duck when it died in 1974. The garden now looks somewhat like Noah’s ark before they boarded.

The list goes on (and on). Buy the book!